Wayne's apple turnover

Charcuterie Wayne is this little Polish deli in PSC. Their apple turnover is slowly becoming a staple of my diet. This thing is pretty thick and the crust is flaky and crispy. There's a good amount of filling and I love the spices they put in there. Not too much cinnamon, which I find to kill the flavour when overused. For 1.50$, I can't be more satisfied.

If you stop by, I suggest also trying their dry and semi-dry sausages.


Fred said...

I'm hungry and i need one of those.

This blog needs a Decarie Hot Dog post

TEDDY said...

The 3.50 pizzas with the staple pickle in the middle and fresh coldcuts is also a good buy.

Fred said...

are you one of these guys with a blog that's never updated

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