All rain and no ridin' makes Benbass go sumthin sumthin...

Alright, so once again, Mother Nature is against me. Haven't been able to go ride cause of crappy weather / shitty tourist in jeans and bomber jackets. So, instead I've spent time on youtube and made my powder shreddin' playlist. Here it is.

Note that the High On Fire video makes me want to buy a Duster and a bottle of JD.


The old Apt X crew (later era) and I got together for a little feast at a Mtl hardcore staple, VIP. Anyone who's been there often has a love/hate relationship with that restaurant, has most likely had a rough night of digestive problems at least once and has seen something really weird happening there in the wee hours of the night. I personally hadn't been in almost a year and the last few times was quite disappointed. Luckily, last Friday fell on a good VIP night and the food was really good.

Tea was served...

Food was ordered...
(This is one person's bill by the way.)

Chinese broccoli was delicious.
Crispy, a little spicy and just enough oyster sauce.

My main man, General Tao.

Unfortunately, the Gen. Tao showed up a little late, making the tofu not as crispy as I would've liked it. But hey, it's VIP so you gotta expect those kinda things. The sauce was good and just spicy enough and it's not like the tofu was soggy so it was alllll good.. I was way stoked on my food and ate too much. Definitely my favorite restaurant in the Quartier Chinois not just for the food, but for everything that comes with it. Shout out to the waiter that loves Iron Maiden.

Hmmmmm... coffee

This is definitely one of my favorite coffee in Mtl. Beats Starbucks and other annoying chains by a mile. If you're in the Notre-Dame/Atwater area, make sure to check out Toi, Moi et Café. They also have some pretty good and fairly priced food like sandwiches, salads and soups. The names of the meals are really pretentious though, which can be kinda annoying. Especially considering that it's not gourmet stuff, but rather above average cafe food. Still worht it though, especially for their wide selection of coffee which are all really good so far.

2695 rue Notre-Dame Ouest

2008: The Big Picture

I'm a big fan of photography, especially photo-journalism. It takes a set of cajones the size of Canada to get in the line of fire everyday to report the messed up stuff around the world... or you just have to be completely insane. Check out the James Nachtwey documentary or just google the name if you want proof.

Anyway, the Boston Globe put out it's 2008's The Year in Pictures. Some really dope stuff in there. Some of it is kinda gore so you might want to put aside your strawberry jam toast while watching.

ps: I didn't eat anything noteworthy in the past little while so I'll resume the food stuff after Christmas. I'll have good material like pet bunny, Bambi and other cute animals that will end up in the graveyard aka my belly.

Tis the season to be merry.

"That's my name."
"No shit!"

2nd best Christmas movie ever made.

Tonight, 8PM on ABC

Best Christmas movie. Best Christmas soundtrack. Best Christmas dance. Can't be missed.

Polish Pizza?!

I know pizza purists would probably be offended by this, but this pizza is actually good! I talked about Charcuterie Wayne before in my apple turnover post. Well they also do this little personal pizza with a bunch of random cured meats (I don't care what they are really, it's salty and I like it) for $3.50. This is cheaper than a frozen meal at the grocery store and sooo much better. The sauce is surprisingly pretty good too, which is always an important factor when eating pizza. Not too acid, not sweet, just the right amount. The cheese used is ordinary but it still beats by a mile that sketchy looking stuff they put on dollar slices at most spots on St-Catherine. Dough is ok, not great, but still decent. The strong point of this bad boy is definitely the meats used. This little deli owns when it comes to that stuff. They also put a pickle slice in the middle, which is questionable but still kinda cool in a weird, weird way.

Compared to pizzas in this price range, this gets a 9/10. For the area (PSC), this is definitely a winner when it comes to pizza and lunchtime hunger.

Cool DVS spot

Here's a pretty cool DVS spot featuring one of my favorite riders growing up, Keith Hufnagel. I remember watching his part in one of the FTC tapes thinking "Man, that guy can rip and he still has style!". Anyway, I really like the lighting and general feel of this ad. Check it out.

Also, here's the FTC part that I mentioned before. The last sequence is just madness.

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