The Wackness

The weekend has been rough. Lots of late nights and traveling in less than preferable weather conditions. So after a nice afternoon of running around with my girl Rudy on Sunday, we set out to watch this movie called The Wackness (on DVD at your favorite Movie Land location). Definitely a cool flick in the vein of Kids (albeit a lot less degenerate).

The movie takes place in the summer of '94 when the NYC rap game was on top and Giuliani (the evil Rudy, as opposed to my favorite bitch. What up Fred and C!) was on a mission to get rid of the characters that defined NYC. It tells the story of Luke Shapiro's summer, a teenage pot dealer who forge a friendship with his client/shrink who's having a midlife crisis. The story and dialogues are good, but what really caught me is the soundtrack. Besides working perfectly with the story and different scenes, every song is a banger. From Biggie to Nas to Tribe, my head was bopping the whole time. Ben Knightley (Sir?) is also hilarious in the role of the bong-hitting psychiatrist. Definitely worth watching. Really good drama.

Now excuse while I go watch old mid-90's skate vids while listening to Illmatic. People can say what they want but '92 to '96 was the golden era for hip hop in my book.

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruits

Here's a video of Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruits. The lyrics to this song were originally a poem written by Abel Meeropol, who was a schoolteacher from the Bronx. After hearing about it from a friend, Mrs. Holiday first performed it in a Greenwich Village club in 1939. This makes it one of the first song about racism. For a black woman to sing about lynching & racism in the late 30's, it takes a set of balls the size of America and I think it speaks volume on how tough a person she was. She later talked about how the lyrics reminded her of her father's death, which is one of the reasons why she wanted to record it. Considering that Mr. Obama is now the 44th President of the USA, I think this is a fitting jam this morning.

They really don't make artists like this anymore. I'll trade all your Kanyes, Britneys, Pussycat Dolls and other overproduced, overhyped, robot crap for something with soul like this. Music should come from the heart, not the control board.

While I'm at it, check out Nina Simone if you don't already know her.

1923 Mills Avenue

I've been following this blog for a bit now and I figured I'd share it. Definitely an interesting one for me since I've been wanting to buy an old barn and turn it into a livable area for quite some times. This couple (Sara and a guy who's name I still haven't figured out) bought an old brake repair shop and did some kind of step by step of how they turned it into their new home. Really cool and the results are just awesome. I suggest you start from the beginning to see how much work went into this. Tip of the hat to them.

Because you can't always eat crap...

When I started this blog, I had the idea to post about healthy homemade food once in a while. It obviously never happened. Why? Well cause greasy food and beer go hand in hand, and I like beer. So on Monday, I decided to go healthy (which also means no beer... booo). Here's what was on the menu:

- Salmon filet, oven baked with black pepper, green onions and lemon.
- Brown rice (a lot more flavor than his white counterpart)
- Steamed yellow waxed beans
- Spinach salad with red, yellow and orange peppers, oranges and a dijon, balsamic and oil dressing.

Easy to make, delicious and full of nutrients. After the meal, my body said thanks so I shut it up with a nice slice of pecan pie.

Don't listen to PETA, eat more sea kittens!

Low Sodium Low Fun?

The doctors have recently put me on a low-sodium diet due to some blood pressure issues. The thing is, everything good as a ridiculous amount of sodium in it. Considering that my daily intake shouldn't be over 2000 mg, there's no way I can have such delicious food as a chow-mein, which usually have around 1300 mg for a portion (I'm guessing most restaurant portions count as 2). So, because I've finally decided to try and stick with it and allow myself one cheat meal a week (which will be blogged about), here's the list of what will be dearly missed.

Cape Cod chips
Hot-dogs (especially from Decarie Hot Dog)
Salted cashews
Chinese food
Cold cuts like salami
Bacon (the best cure for hangovers...)

Luckily, I can still have sweets. So pies and cookies, better watch out! I'm coming for you.

On this note, here's one of my favorite songs/videos from a band that is easily in my top 10, if not top 5.

Wish I was there...

Here's the new Burton AK promo video (part 1) directed by Neil Hartmann. If I could ride in these kind of conditions all the time, I'd be a snow bum for sure.

[ak]-Movie from Neil Hartmann on Vimeo.

Poutine: The Real Deal

Finally went riding last week. It was about freakin time! And after a great, sunny day at Bromont (shout out to Mira for the ticket!), Simon had the good idea to hit Chez Ben (on s'bourre la bédaine) for some fine poutine. Actually, this poutine is straight up fine art.

First, it comes in an alumnium container with cheese on top and at the bottom. This deserves a 10/10 since it's the only way a poutine should ever be served, as it keeps the warmth and melts the cheese perfectly. Sauce hits every single fries, that way you don't get dry potatoes. The cheese squeaks, the sauce is a perfect blend of spicy/sweet and a perfect texture. You don't want some weird, thick gravy on your poutine. The fries are of the classic Quebec cantine type, which is perfect for a poutine. Also note worthy, this is the fastest service you'll ever get. Expect your beautiful lunch served in a matter of seconds, no matter what. McDonald's, please take note.

I know I'm totally biased, but this is THE best poutine. If you're ever visiting the Zoo (other fine Granby attraction) make sure to hit this spot.

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