Low Sodium Low Fun?

The doctors have recently put me on a low-sodium diet due to some blood pressure issues. The thing is, everything good as a ridiculous amount of sodium in it. Considering that my daily intake shouldn't be over 2000 mg, there's no way I can have such delicious food as a chow-mein, which usually have around 1300 mg for a portion (I'm guessing most restaurant portions count as 2). So, because I've finally decided to try and stick with it and allow myself one cheat meal a week (which will be blogged about), here's the list of what will be dearly missed.

Cape Cod chips
Hot-dogs (especially from Decarie Hot Dog)
Salted cashews
Chinese food
Cold cuts like salami
Bacon (the best cure for hangovers...)

Luckily, I can still have sweets. So pies and cookies, better watch out! I'm coming for you.

On this note, here's one of my favorite songs/videos from a band that is easily in my top 10, if not top 5.


Fred said...

I'm gonna get Decarie Hot Dog for lunch tomorrow

BENBASS said...

Meh, I had Chez Ben last week you didn't... SUCKKKKAAAAAA!!!

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