Aux Vivres - BLT sandwich

I've been really busy with both work and personal projects so I didn't have time to update this the way I wanted to. So I fell in the category of "dude who has a blog but doesn't update it" right after my 1st posts. Not cool. I'll try to get it going for real this time. The lack of a digi camera doesn't help either but I'll find a solution. The important stuff now...

Aux Vivres is a vegan restaurant located on 4631, St-Laurent blvd in Montreal. One of my favorites to be honest. They have a really good selection of raw and cooked vegan food that can appeal to the meat eaters as well. I suggest the BLT sandwich. The "bacon" is made with coconut and the sandwich is filled with tomatoes, lettuce, sprouts and some kind of white sauce to replace the mayo. Served either on chapati or regular whole wheat bread. The portions are big and you'll definitely be full for around $10. I also suggest trying their home made thick fries. Well worth the extra cash.

During summertime they have a nice terrace open in the back. I hear they also serve a mean brunch on the weekends. Try it! The only downfall would be the sometimes slow service.

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