Lester's smoked meat sandwich

Smoked meat sandwiches are a classic Montreal delicacy. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that a Montreal smoked meat sandwich is the best cured meat sandwich you can get on this continent. That's right, NY! It's better than a Reuben. The debate over which spot offers the best on the island is a raging one. But because I'm a peaceful guy, I'm not gonna get into this and try to give a shout out to all the classic Montreal establishments.

First on the list is Lester's located at 1057 Bernard St in Outremont. They've been at the same location for over 50 years and walking into this place is like walking into a diner from another era (in a cool way). Piled high on rye bread and mustard, the salty meat is delicious and tender. You can't eat a smoked meat sandwich without a pickle and coleslaw, so make sure to get these as well. Get the old-style lean meat sliced thin and you'll be thankful you went.

On a side note, how cool was this last night?!
I'm not really a C's fan, but I always liked Paul Pierce and thought that surrounded with the right guys (aka Garnett), he could be lethal. If you didn't get shivers when he came back on the court, you either don't like sports or you're simply cooolllld blooodeeddd. ***Picture obviously not by me***

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