I'm Not Crazy!

Such a good video/song!
Mike is a natural.

Omar Salazar

I'm not the biggest fan of rails and big gaps and all, but this guy straight up shreds! Plus from all the interviews I've read recently, he seems like a dude who's just stoked on skateboarding. Not washed up, no attitude. When he bails at 2:45... gnarly!

Rollerblades... fruit boots... clown shoes... Can we make those illegals at one point?! I think it's a necessity and would make humanity that much better.

PM Restaurant

I was craving Chinese food last week, big time! After being told to try PM numerous time, I finally cave in. To my surprise, it was pretty effin' good! The main reason I was not really attracted to this restaurant is because of it's location. I've been living on and off in the same block for 8+ years now and the amount of restaurant I've seen open up just to close down a few months later is pretty ridiculous. So to get a good idea of their food, we ordered 3 plates of General Tao tofu, salt and spice shrimp and beef and broccoli stir fry. All had decent portions, meaning 1 plate is enough for 1 person.

General Tao tofu and beef & broccoli stir fry

The tofu was decent. Pretty good sauce but they could've made it a little bit crispier. The beef & broccoli was not that great. Beef was boiled (urgh) and tasteless, the sauce was ok at best but at least the veggies were really crispy, which I'm always down with.

Salt & Spicy shrimp

The salt and spicy shrimp is were it gets really good though. To be honest, I think it beats any other shrimp I had in Chinese establishments. Lightly battered shrimp with a salt and hot peppers mix, served on pan fried veggies. These were so good, I could've had another plate! These alone are worth the trip there. So next time, I think I'll go for the shrimp and veggie stir-fry. A straight up winner combo.

So if you're in the area, I suggest you try it. $34 for the all that food including steamed rice, green tea and sodas is pretty good. Go for the shrimp, you won't regret it!

PM Restaurant
1809 Ste-Catherine West street

Lord Finesse Freestyle

Peep a young Big L doing his thing, looking sketch.

The Comfort Wipe?!!

I'm totally getting this! I mean, it will extend my reach a full 18 inches and I won't get shoulder injuries.

A Mtl Bike Ride in June

Flies - Pollen - Pothole
Flies - Pollen - Pothole
Flies - Pollen - Pothole

Repeat for however long your ride is.

Bryce Harper

16 years old. Throws a 96 mph fastball. Hit a 570 ft homer out of Tropicana Field. Went 12 for 12 in a game at 12 years old (11 homers, 1 double). I think that kid can crush the ball alright.

That's a monster swing right there!

Chillin In The Country

Yeah you're drooling...

Cantine Chez Grégoire

Took a trip to a weird place on the South Shore of Mtl a little while back. We (Plus/Minus) played a basement show in Chateaugay, where our guitar player, Simon, and our drummer, Louis, both grew up. Creepy little town. Simon, party machine like no other, had been hyping up this joint Chez Grégoire for quite some times, so we decided to hit it up.

First of all, let me tell you that this is by far the best service I ever had at any restaurant. That dude is so stoked to serve you! No doubt he has a passion for greasy food. So upon recommendation, I went for the poutine (duh...).

The poutine was really good. Fresh, sliced curd cheese (very odd but pretty cool concept) that squeaks in your mouth, delicious fries and decent portion. Only downsides were the the sauce, which is BBQ ala St-Hubert and the plastic bowl. Anyone that knows me knows how much I praise the alumnium container when it comes to poutine. All in all, this baby gets a 8/10 (10 being Chez Ben's poutine).

The burger was pretty ridiculous. I unfortunately can't remember the exact name or fillings due to extreme laziness, but definitely make sure to pick up whatever their special burger is. Totally worth it!

The rest of the night was pretty much some of the weirdest stuff I've ever witnessed, including a party in a grandma's house, serious karaoke and learning Spanish in a bar parking lot.

Restaurant Grégoire
St-Joseph street in Ste-Martine

*Pics by C (aka Si).

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