Cantine Chez Grégoire

Took a trip to a weird place on the South Shore of Mtl a little while back. We (Plus/Minus) played a basement show in Chateaugay, where our guitar player, Simon, and our drummer, Louis, both grew up. Creepy little town. Simon, party machine like no other, had been hyping up this joint Chez Grégoire for quite some times, so we decided to hit it up.

First of all, let me tell you that this is by far the best service I ever had at any restaurant. That dude is so stoked to serve you! No doubt he has a passion for greasy food. So upon recommendation, I went for the poutine (duh...).

The poutine was really good. Fresh, sliced curd cheese (very odd but pretty cool concept) that squeaks in your mouth, delicious fries and decent portion. Only downsides were the the sauce, which is BBQ ala St-Hubert and the plastic bowl. Anyone that knows me knows how much I praise the alumnium container when it comes to poutine. All in all, this baby gets a 8/10 (10 being Chez Ben's poutine).

The burger was pretty ridiculous. I unfortunately can't remember the exact name or fillings due to extreme laziness, but definitely make sure to pick up whatever their special burger is. Totally worth it!

The rest of the night was pretty much some of the weirdest stuff I've ever witnessed, including a party in a grandma's house, serious karaoke and learning Spanish in a bar parking lot.

Restaurant Grégoire
St-Joseph street in Ste-Martine

*Pics by C (aka Si).

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