The old Apt X crew (later era) and I got together for a little feast at a Mtl hardcore staple, VIP. Anyone who's been there often has a love/hate relationship with that restaurant, has most likely had a rough night of digestive problems at least once and has seen something really weird happening there in the wee hours of the night. I personally hadn't been in almost a year and the last few times was quite disappointed. Luckily, last Friday fell on a good VIP night and the food was really good.

Tea was served...

Food was ordered...
(This is one person's bill by the way.)

Chinese broccoli was delicious.
Crispy, a little spicy and just enough oyster sauce.

My main man, General Tao.

Unfortunately, the Gen. Tao showed up a little late, making the tofu not as crispy as I would've liked it. But hey, it's VIP so you gotta expect those kinda things. The sauce was good and just spicy enough and it's not like the tofu was soggy so it was alllll good.. I was way stoked on my food and ate too much. Definitely my favorite restaurant in the Quartier Chinois not just for the food, but for everything that comes with it. Shout out to the waiter that loves Iron Maiden.


Kenza said...

Trace and I spent the better part of 2005 at VIP.

Tom is the man! he's also a huge Cat power fan... only it sound more like KATPOWA. just a heads up ;)

I was supposed to do my second year documentary about him but he coped out. He plays in what he describes as a progressive german metal band?!!!


Carolina Andrea said...

I don't get why VIP ever seems like a good idea. But it happens like clockwork. I love hanging with my old roomies.

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