Before the Habs-Wings game, Simon (party dude extraordinaire / fan of everything unhealthy) suggested we try this new spot by our apt called Kansas Cité BBQ Smokehouse (4006, Ste-Catherine W.) for our pre-game feast. After having seen the menu and craving ribs for a bit, I obliged and off we were.

First of all, the decor of the shady looking joint is absolutely unbelievable for Habs fans like us. The walls are covered in old school pictures of some of the Greats like the Pocket Rocket, Fergie (not the singer), Dryden, The Rocket, Flower and many more. There's also a wall dedicated to Nos Amours, which brought a little tear to my eyes. RIP.

On to the food. You can get 2 full racks of baby back ribs with fries, coleslaw and a hamburger bun (?!) for $34, tax in. Not bad at all says this customer. There's a variety of 5 different sauces for the ribs. Being a fan of BBQ sauce, I opted for the Memphis Mesquite, which was pretty good, albeit maybe a bit too sweet. I might go with the Tex Mex one next time, to get a bit more kick. Ribs are smoked on the premises and are really tender. Good portions of everything and super satisfiying. To top if off, service was really quick. We waited no more than 10 minutes for our order to be ready, wich sure beats McDonald's (what ever happened to FAST food?!).

Were they the best ribs available in Montreal? I doubt it, but for my money, they were definitely better than Cage Aux Sports. Well worth it and will hit that spot again.

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Fred said...

Did you try the Baton Rouge ribs? We need to hit it soon. the BBQ Rib Trio
10 oz. pork back ribs, 6 oz. marinated grilled chicken breast, and 5 grilled jumbo shrimp basted with our own BBQ sauce. mmmmmmm! Delicious

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