The Best Pizza In Town

Everyone that knows me knows how much I love pizza. Unfortunately, Montreal isn't really known for it's pizza. Actually, finding really good pies like the ones you'd find in the Tri-State area is pretty much impossible. I've tried many a pizza place only to come out of there saying "It's good... for a Montreal joint". The closest thing to the real deal here so far is Amelio's.

Located in the McGill Ghetto, Amelio's serves pies made with fresh products. The crust is delicious, crispy on the outside, quite flaky actually and yet chewy on the inside. The tomato sauce taste of garlic and fresh tomatoes. It has the perfect balance of sweet and acid, something most places here seem to think is not that important. The cheese taste fresh and it's laid on thick. Actually, if I'd have one complaint to make, it'd be that there's a bit too much cheese on the margherita pie. I'd have to try one with more toppings so see if it's still the case.

The pizza is a bit on the expensive side. Prepare to drop around $20 to $25 for a large. But to be honest, you can only eat so many crappy $1 pizza slices so treat yourself to something good for a change. They don't take reservations so get there ahead of time since waiting lines tend to happen. It's also B.Y.O.B. so you know the deal...

Amelio's Pizza
201 Milton street
514 845-8396

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Carolina Andrea said...

Oh oh oh , there can never be too much cheese on my slice. The $$ is what always keeps me from ordering more often. Shame.

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