Guy Mariano - Epicly Later'd

Watch the new episode of Epicly Later'd featuring Guy Mariano here. One of my favorites (along with pretty much all the older dudes on Girl/Chocolate) as a teen, it's pretty cool to see him back on top after being out of the game trying to get his life back together for a long time. Style and technicality all rolled into one. It's like the Mini Wheats of skateboarding. Ever since his Blind days, I pretty much always followed his career. His part in Girl's Mouse was ridiculous, but I think the footage from Fully Flared is even more phenomenal. Maybe it's the epic songs, maybe it's the fact that it was his first part since coming out of retirement, but whenver I watch it I get pumped.

I'll be back with some more food blogging when I get my lazy ass to the camera store to get my shitty Panasonic fixed.

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