The Natural Ties Frank Robinson's Record

Last night was the Seattle Mariners' home opener. It was also Ken Griffey Jr's first game with the Mariners since 1999. And just like '99, The Kid hit it out of the ballpark to tie Frank Robinson's record of 8 opening game HRs. While this is not the most prestigious record in baseball, I'm assuming it's pretty sweet to have your name mentionned in the same sentence as Mr. Robinson*, one of the most fearless (and feared) hitters of his generation, who also happens to be Jr's adopted son's godfather. Kudos to Ken Griffey Jr! If it wasn't for a career plagued with injury, you'd probably be really close to the HR record. It would be much nicer for you to own this one than the current db who's name won't be mentionned here.

*Great, great ballplayer, horrible manager. I figured I'd throw it out there.

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