DigiCam + Moe's Deli & Bar

I finally got a digital camera (I'm a late bloomer when it comes to technology) so I can get this thing rolling... again. Hopefully I don't go all lazy again and actually start posting more often. On to the real stuff now.

We decided to hit Moe's Deli & Bar on Sherbrooke E., right by the home of the Expos (RIP, much love to Pedro). Because we are hungry people, we decided to warm-up with a plate of nachos. Unfortunately, they were not all that good. I'm pretty sure they're putting Cheez Whiz® instead of actual Monterey Jack or Cheddar. Quite the bummer to be honnest. So after that I was definitely looking forward to my burger.

For the main course, I opted for the Western Burger*. This thing comes loaded with fried onions, bacon, smothered in BBQ sauce (very important) and covered by a thick layer of mozzarella on a poppy seed bun. This thing is big and the sweet yet tangy BBQ sauce is definitely all over the place, which is always a positive in my book. Make sure to ask for extra napkins/wetnaps if you get one of those. Honnestly, this has everything to be one of the best burger in town, except for one thing: frozen beef patty. If they were to switch this to a fresh, homemade beef patty this monster could easily score a 9/10. Unfortunately, I have to drop it down to a 7.5/10 for that crucial mistake. $11 with a side of thick cut french fries. Still worth it and they have Rickards on tap to wash everything down and hockey on when Les Glorieux are playing.

*In a drunken haze the actual name of the burger was erased from my brain. Just look for the one with a western sounding name.

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Carolina Andrea said...

if they switched this to a fresh patty i would be 700 pounds. love me that BBQ sauce!

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