Sam Adams Winter Lager

I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert on beer, but I like it a lot (especially in a 4L format) and drink enough (read a lot) of it to get a good idea of what a good beer is. Well this is definitely one of 'em. Sam Adams is a brewing company from Boston that makes some really good stuff. Their seasonal beers are usually on point and once again, they didn't disappoint with the Winter Lager.

It's a spicy amber lager that has hints of cinnamon, ginger and citrus, similar to a witbier, but with more of a malt flavor than you'd expect from it. Definitely some good stuff to keep you warm and happy (yes, beer makes people happy) during the long cold months of winter. And you know they're coming so stack up while you can.

So if you live in New England or have a connection that can hook it up and you like tasty beer (as opposed to, let's say, Coors Light) definitely put your hands on some.

And while we're talking about the greatest beverage known to man, here's a fun video on the joys of making beer.


Mira said...

Doesn't take like cinnamon. They are lying.

BENBASS said...

I felt like I could get the cinnamon aftertaste with the last 2 I drank. Could also be that it taste like Christmas dessert and my mind played tricks on me.

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