Dilallo Burger

Sorry (again...) for the lack of updates! A broken camera and too much time spent finding an apartment and fixing my bike made it hard to update this thing. Hopefully I can keep it up for good this time. And now, the important stuff...

On my way to go meet up with some friends at Burgundy Lion for a few afternoon pints, hunger hit me... hard! Right around the corner from BL there's this little burger joint called Dilallo Burger. It is not the original one, since the first location was opened in Ville-Emard in 1929, but it's definitely a typical, old school, classic Quebec "cantine". So, because burgers are always a good snack, I figured "why not?!".

Dilallo burgers are served upside down, meaning the bottom bun is on top. Complicated physics right there. Went for the #1 Special all-dressed with fries and (urgh) Pepsi. That thing is heavy! The beef patty is real, as opposed to most of those frozen patties they serve in lesser establisments, and must be at least 1/4" thick! Definitely right up my alley. The spices they use give a really unique taste to the burger. Served with your regular toppings, it's definitely enough food to fill you up for the small amount of $6.45 (tax in!). So if you're ever in St-Henri, I suggest you hit up Dilallo Burger and enjoy a good, no frills burger. Cause while those $20 fancy shmancy hamburgers might make you feel like you're someone, they'll never hit the spot like a good 'ole cantine burger.

Dilallo Burger Original 1929
2523 Notre-Dame W.


Carolina Andrea said...

I love their burgers but I really wanted to comment because I won't tolerate Pepsi hatred.

Fred Tremblay said...

Teir chicken burger is also delicious

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