Post Party Mish Mash

Nothing to put you back on track the morning after a night of serious boozing like a good, hearty meal. This mish mash is definitely the solution! Pretty easy to make (which is what you need on those rough Saturday morning), you can just throw in whatever's left in the fridge. Here are the ingredients for this version right here:

- Chopped green onions
- Red and orange peppers
- Brocolli
- Sliced mini red potatoes (cooks faster)
- Dry salami
- 4 eggs with a dash of milk and oregano
- Cracked pepper
- Marble cheese (we're fancy like that!)

Put the first 5 ingredients in a pan with olive oil. When cooked to taste, add the egg and milk mixture over the rest. Stir until the eggs are cooked. Cover with cheese and there you have it! You'll feel like a champ after this meal.

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